Reach Millions of Casual Gamers


An addressable audience of 10M users over a dozen marketing channels.


Cross platform analytics and attribution libraries for any mobile game.

Ad Mediation

Optimized ad network mediation for maximized eCPMs and increased in game ad revenue.

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We’ll help you localize your games for foreign languages custom tailored to your existing audience.


Magmic funds mid-high risk projects that have proven some baseline traction.


We’ll assess your go-to-market strategy, category placement, seo and potential rankings.

Build a Massive Player Base

Magmic apps span the entire mobile spectrum of store fronts. We publish cross platform with a DAU pool on the following stores.

  • Working with Magmic is an amazing experience. They are professional, transparent, and operate in a way that gives me confidence when publishing my games through their channels.

Global Distribution

Magmic apps are consumed worldwide in all major geographies. We can distribute your content in North america, Europe, Pan-Asian, and Australia/New Zealand Markets.


Publishing FAQ

Does Magmic fund projects?

Yes, we typically enter into publishing agreements with developers to help them promote and launch their games. Once we both see value in continuing a partnership we typically fund those projects in part.

Can you guarantee distribution on storefronts?

Yes, our distribution channels span twenty channels and six storefronts, our active cross promotion networks have guaranteed CTR and conversion rates so every app launch is a success.

What does working together look like?

An analyst at Magmic will review your game genre, the competitive landscape and the overall business model to better understand your games potential. We share the analysis with you and asses if and how we can best work together.

Can I publish my game under my own IP?

Absolutely! We don’t require IP control in order to publish your title, we work with developers to publish games housed under their own developer identity.