Publishing Technical Requirements

Publishing Requirements & Recommended Integrations

We use a collection of tools and SDKs that help us promote your content to our existing user base. This includes a few client side integrations that must be shipped to the App Store with your build. These Publishing integrations can be found below:

Publishing Integrations



Publishing Side Advertising Integrations

If you plan to monetize your game using Magmic Ad mediation we have a few SDKs that require client integration. These SDKs help us fill ad requests from multiple partners in an effort to Maximize eCPMs. Below you will find a link that describes these integrations in detail:

Advertising Integrations




In cases where you are transferring your app to Magmic, here is a brief overview on the best practices.




Sales Reporting & Analytics

Upon Publishing your game with Magmic, we will provide you with access to Analytics and Sales reporting for your game. These tools are used to keep you informed on your games traction and as a self serve measure for determining your royalty payments range.

Sales Reporting