Advertising Integrations

Ad Mediaiton

MoPub serves as an ad mediation for most Magmic non-incentivized ad units. Mopub gives more than 20 ad networks access to inventory through one unified SDK in the following ad formats:
Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 3.31.30 PM

Integration requires adding a client side SDK with App Keys supplied by a Magmic PM.

For a list of cross platform SDKs, please visit here:

Preferred Networks

MoPub’s waterfall structure allows us to send priority fill to preferred networks based on a rules engine. Our preferred networks are:

Mediabrix offers several ad types:


Mediabrix Flex units are the easiest to integrate as they only require MoPub SDK v 2.1.1 or above and an Mraids tag supplied by the network that can be changed server side. Any Mediabrix implementation involving rewards or views requires addiitonal client side integrations.

We prioritize MdotM in basic interstitial integrations for both full screen and banner advertising. MdotM requires you to integrate a client side adapter as outlined here. For MdotM app keys please contact you Magmic PM.

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