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Top 10 Ad Services for iOS, Android and Facebook Games

Top 10 Ad Services for iOS, Android and Facebook Games

Here’s a collection of the top 10 ad services for iOS, Android, and Facebook that should get you started if you’re looking to monetize your game. When you sign up for these services there is typically a period (before implementing) where your main point of contact will be a business development rep. This is the person you will negotiate your revenue sharing with and he/she will gateway you into a permanent contact within the company. Most ad networks start at 50/50 and will go as far as 80/20 depending on how much business you can bring them. This means for every advertising dollar spent inside your game, the service will pocket 20-50 percent of gross.

If you’re looking to understand more about how much of your total game revenue should be generated from advertisements, i’ll be writing a post about that soon so be sure to subscribe to receive posts by email.


Playhaven: A FREE self serve dashboard to cross promote other games, serve interstitial advertisements, or pop-up announcements to message your users with updates, rate me dialogs, email campaigns and more. Playhaven’s core functionality is based on “Placements” that let you generate pre-determined hooks in your game’s source code at strategic content breaks in your game.

Heyzap: Heyzap started as a nifty leaderboard/achievements layer packaged conveniently in one SDK. They now have some groundbreaking ad units that help increase publisher eCPM’s by increasing user engagement. Heyzaps’s core ad functionality is based on “Tags” that let you generate pre-determined hooks in your game’s source code at strategic content breaks in your game.

Chartboost: Another toolset available to developers with a self serve dashboard that lets you cross promote your games, serve interstitial advertisements and includes a direct deals marketplace where you can publicly list your games and sell ad inventory direct to other developers. Chartboost is very light weight and one of the fastest interstitial serving platforms.

Tapjoy is the gold standard for incentivized offer walls. Instead of serving interstitial advertisements during content breaks Tapjoy ties directly into your game’s economy as a set of monetizable actions users can perform in exchange for in game currency. Here’s a look at what kind of impact Tapjoy can have on an audience that may never convert into a paying user but will gladly trade actions for in game currency.

Kiip monetizes success moments in your game by rewarding users with free product samples, gift cards, mp3 downloads, and more from top brands. When a user claims rewards you receive payouts in the form of revenue per completed action.

Ad Colony is a leader in the incentivized video space. Typically tied to an in game soft currency, a user can elect to watch a video in exchange for a consumable currency in your game’s economy.

Flurry App Circle Flurry got its start and is still a prominent player in the analytics space but has proved its merit as a provider of in game advertising. Their ad formats include interstitial advertisements and non-incentivized video during content breaks. Typically found in free to play games, flurry ad units help developers monetize high DAU games.

SponsorPay offers ad mediation, an offer wall unit and an incentivized video unit prominent in Facebook games. Their Facebook games offering BrandEngage touts 60-80% completion rates and eCPM’s of $20. BrandEngage ties itself to your game’s economy and allows users to watch branded content in exchange for in game consumables.

Mopub was recently acquired by Twitter but still offers one of the best Ad mediation products on mobile. Ad mediation services act as a mediator between several networks server side. Mopub’s self serve dashboard allows you to manage your inventory and swap multiple ad networks in and out depending on their overall payout performance.

Airpush is the gold standard for android advertising. With a grouping of unique ad formats their deep integration with the android operating system allow you to monetize your app not only within the game itself but also through native push and more.

Have an ad network you’d like us to add to the list? Let us know and we’ll take a look.

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