Criteria for Transferring an App


Before you transfer an app to another developer, ensure you’ve met the following criteria:

    • Make sure your accounts aren’t in a pending or changing state.For example, make sure your account or your recipient’s account have agreed to any contract amendments that wait for approval and that any iAd App Network-related account information is up to date. See “Viewing Contracts and Contract Status.”
    • Make sure the app uses only technology and content that can be transferred.
      • No version of the app can use an iCloud entitlement.
      • No version of the app can use a Passbook entitlement.
      • The app can’t offer (or have previously offered) In-App Purchase subscriptions: auto-renewable, free, or non-renewing.
    • Make sure the app and any In-App Purchase products it offers have a status that supports transfers.The app status can be one of the following, assuming that there is at least one approved version of the app:

../Art/status_green_2x.png Ready for Sale

../Art/status_yellow_2x.png Pending Contract

../Art/status_yellow_2x.png Prepare for Upload

../Art/status_red_2x.png Developer Removed From Sale

../Art/status_red_2x.png Invalid Binary

../Art/status_red_2x.png Developer Rejected

../Art/status_red_2x.png Rejected

In-App Purchase products can have one of the following statuses:

../Art/status_green_2x.png Approved

../Art/status_yellow_2x.png Ready to Submit

../Art/status_red_2x.png Developer Removed From Sale

../Art/status_red_2x.png Rejected

  • Make sure that In-App Purchase product IDs on the app aren’t the same product IDs on any apps in the recipient’s account.


If your app follows these criteria you can initiate the transfer process by following these steps:

Use the following credentials for initiating the transfer:

Alternative Cases

In cases where your app cannot meet the criteria for self serve initiated transfer, we will work with your team to devise a work around plan typically involving creating a new SKU and working with Magmic Deployment to upload your game’s binary directly.

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